Winning at the Skoll Cup Mini 2020 (TopC4+)
I am an enthusiastic rower at Amsterdam Rowing Club Skøll!

Hi! I am Ethan van Woerkom - I am a physicist.

Analysing, understanding, and visualising physical systems and theories is my passion. Applying physics to astronomy through astrophysics, intrigues me in particular!

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Currently, I am studying within the Theoretical Physics Track of the Master's of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Amsterdam.

Modelling relativistic blastwave physics to understand the long-term afterglow emissions from binary neutron star and neutron star-black hole mergers is the primary concern of my Master’s thesis. I do this within the group of Prof. Samaya Nissanke.

Secondly, I am interested in identifying radio transients coincident with Gravitational Wave events using e.g. the LOFAR telescope.

I received my Bachelor's degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh, School of Physics and Astronomy.

Please get in touch if you seek private tutoring in the subjects of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Scientific Programming.

Computer Science

Programming is a major pastime of mine. Writing elegant and efficient code in C(++) and Python enthuses me especially, in particular within the context of high-performance computing.

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